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A good practice in media and radio broadcasting can really contribute a lot for its listeners especially those who are coming from the remote local communities whose only access to the outside world is through radios. To set a new standard of delivering local and or national news for media reform, the good practices should always be kept in mind and it should always be seen in the performance of radio broadcasting. 

But there are quite plenty of problems that might be encountered with alternative media or community radio broadcasting. In some circumstances, there are a lot of media practitioners who did not undergo the correct licensing procedures. There are some absences of blatant codified legal and regulatory procedures and frameworks. It is important to take note that this will only delegitimize the legality and the dignity of community broadcasting companies. Therefore, seeking for the right person to legalize these legal mechanisms is very much needed and it is a must. These institutions should consult an expert to do these things in the correct and legal procedure. 

Setting an objective to create an alternative media is important. Therefore, it is indeed a good thing to fix such problems right away. There are some areas which such cases still happen. For example, in Spain. There are a lot of media practitioners who broadcast on the radio without having a legal permit to broadcast. There is somewhat a lack of regulatory procedures, but it eradicates the legality and the legal authority of these broadcasting media companies.  

Meanwhile, in some places in India, there is a correct regulatory arrangement, however, these are not being properly implemented which makes it less effective and less valued as a community broadcasting institution. The company might have a risk of losing its dignity to its listeners which make it unreliable for real news. 

There are actually a lot of challenges in community broadcasting that lies ahead. In order to encourage and not confine the growing and developing the community of broadcasting, political will should not be forgotten in implementing legal procedures and regulatory provisions to have a successful alternative media that would serve the interest of the civil society and different communities. 

On the other hand, there are challenges for the world of broadcasting itself as there are a lot of different platforms that can deliver news on the different issues about the world today. The deterioration rate of radio broadcasting companies is now skyrocketing because of the improvement of technology. Radios are now being disregarded as the technology rises with the new release of different gadgets such as high technological televisions, computers, tablets, and even cellular mobile phones. These are just some of the factors which downgrade the number of listeners in radio broadcasting. This is why a lot of broadcast companies over the radio are threatened to be extinct in no time. 

On the other hand, the problem that goes on for decades about the extra-judicial killings of journalists or media practitioners and radio broadcasters are still at its hype. Throughout the decades, there are thousands of broadcasters who are killed for delivering reality and truth. Up until now, these cases are not yet resolved. This often happens to the broadcast media journalists in third world countries such as Mexico and the Philippines.